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The Gospel of the Kingdom

By Greg Hood


The Kingdom of God is made of people fulfilling what Adam failed to fulfill. Each of us is a part of the whole. Certainly, God could wipe the earth clean and start over, but instead, he's given that task to us. And indeed, the drive is in us. It's in our desires, our anguish, our hopes, our deeds, our prayers, our declarations, our resolve. The calling of the Father is not just to personal salvation. The cause is too large to accomplish alone. We—the redeemed of God—are seeking in earnest all that we have been promised and even that which we cannot conceive of as yet. It will come, but not through individual effort. It will come through kingdom, one comprised of each of us. A thousand rifle bearers do not make an army, but an army is comprised of a thousand rifle bearers. It is not up to each of us but to all of us, united under the King. The Kingdom of God is among us, but we must assemble as a kingdom. In these pages, I will show you how and why.

The Gospel of the Kingdom (Hard Cover English) - Student Price

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