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Touching the God of Jacob
By Dennis Goldsworthy-Davis

God takes us in our natural state and through encounters with Him, we become His work of art or masterpiece. This is what happened with Jacob. He started off in the natural as Jacob but became Israel, a prince of God. Every time we have an encounter with the presence and glory of God, we receive another dimension of grace. This grace is what fashions and transforms us into that which is necessary to the God’s purposes. We are moved from who we are naturally to who we are meant to be supernaturally. In this book ‘Touching the God of Jacob” my good friend, Dennis Goldsworthy-Davis unveils and unlocks this idea and others. Dennis writes from a wealth of experience of encounters with God. He understands not just from a theological place, but a lifetime of walking with God, what touching and being touched by God does in a person’s life. This is why he is so jealous for this in his life, but also desires to see it unlocked in yours as well. I believe this book will do just that.

Robert Henderson
Best-Selling Author, “The Court of Heaven” Series

Touching the God of Jacob

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