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Dreams & Visions

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New Wine for Awakening the Nation

The dream started with Dutch and me (Greg) running through a place called “no man’s land” in a heated, hot war zone battlefield. This battlefield was in the shape of the United States, and we knew we were running through the hill country of Texas simultaneously; we knew in the dream that the place we were running to was the hill country of Tennessee. Franklin, Tennessee, to be exact.

There was enemy fire all around us, from the seen and unseen realms....

The Five Giants

The dream opened up with Dutch, myself (Greg), and several others walking down a sidewalk, past shops until we came to a door at the side of one of the shops that led to stairs, which took us up into an old boxing gym which, was located in the old town of Philadelphia, PA. In the dream, we knew we had been coming to this gym for a long time. We had trained and fought from this gym for years. Going to the gym on the day in the dream, we knew that we were training for a series of fights that we knew were scheduled and just ahead of us. Dutch and a few of the people with us were stablemates, and in the dream, I knew that I (Greg) was a chief second and there were other seconds with me. Dutch and his stablemates had fought in several fights and were professional fighters in the dream. We had been part of his team for a very long time. 

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Three Doors

The dream started with Dutch and I being led up to a very large iron double door. The angel took us through it and as we entered this large room, we could see three doors down the left side. Each of these doors had combination lock on its (keypad). We approached the first door which was cracked open and we could see through the door. Dutch reached and open the first door so we could see inside. What we saw was unnerving. It was a dragon eating flesh out of a bowl that was in the shape of the United States. We could see that there were men in suits replenishing the bowl with flesh when the bowl would go near empty. As we stepped away from the doorway the door automatically reverted back to being “cracked open” when we found it. As we were led away from the door, I (Greg), reached to push the door closed but I could not move it. I could not close it. As the angel motioned us toward the next door he said to me...

World Seers Series

As the dream started, I could see that we were in a baseball stadium.
I knew we were playing on our home field which in the dream was known as Royal Stadium. I also knew in the dream that the stadium was located in Washington D.C. All the seats in the stadium were
filled with people.

Nashville Dream
Well of Fire

This afternoon as I napped, I dreamed the following: In the dream Dutch and I found ourselves back at the Tennent’s Well of Fire. It was still blowing fire high into the sky. Gabriel the Archangel was there with us also. The Well was not in the middle of the large field of oil type wells as it was before. It was here in Nashville. Nashville did not look like the Nashville we know as we look around the city but it appeared to be built on the ocean.

Sheep to Lions

The dream opened with Dutch I building a fishing platform next to a vast lake. We knew that it had been years since anyone had fished this lake. As we built it, we talked about the fish we would catch and how big they would be. We were excited to be going fishing. As we raised the platform, we placed it 22 feet high above the lake.

Destroying the Religious Gates in America
601 Drill Bit Dream

The dream started with Dutch and I were on I40 East coming out of Little Rock, Arkansas. I had a knowing that this journey we were on started in the DFW area. We were in a very large truck with 24 wheels on it headed to Washington D.C. This truck was like a huge drilling rig that you would see in the oil fields of Texas. Dutch was driving and we were moving fast.

Strike the Liberty Bell

This dream took place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in front of Independence Hall. This dream was different from those I have dreamed in the past. The dream was both animated and real (real, as in people and things, had real life appearance; animated, as some of the characters in the dream appeared as a cartoon character). 

Signet Ring
Weighted Gavel

Dutch, Tim, Clay, Ken, Joan and I were sitting at a high top cedar table on deck by a lake. There were six empty seats left at the table. There was a large map of Washington D.C. rolled out over another map which was a map of the United States. We were discussing this process of the prayer journey we and the team had been on over the last month or so.

The War Tent

I dreamt there were several of us in a tent on the battlefield. In the tent were George Washington (he was General in the dream not the President), John Quincy Adams (I am a descendant of his), Dutch, Tom Schlueter, Jacquie Tyre, Tim Sheets and myself.

Operation Hidden Treasures

The dream began with Dutch and I standing in front of a building that we were to hold a  meeting.  It was a large, well-known church building.  Things seemed odd as we stood  there. There were no people and the sign was not lit.  I ran up the steps of... 

The Wells

The dream started with Dutch and I standing in the middle of what we thought were oil fields like you see in Texas. Oil wells were everywhere. Many different sizes and shapes.
I commented to Dutch, “These are not traditional wells. These are special wells...

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