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Prophetic Words

Over Nashville

Nashville is in the day of musical chairs. God is moving into the city government and the confusion in politics in Nashville is being exposed. I have them by their ankles and I am beginning to shake them, and shake them, and the things that begin to fall out of their pockets is going to expose them for what they have gathered to themselves.

A Cold Wind of Revival from Main to Washington

This has really begin to stir in me that God is moving across the northern part of America from coast to coast. I see the wind of the Lord blowing across from the State Maine all the way through Washington State. 

Shreveport has been marinating and My Ekklesia is bringing it forth

I just had the Lord highlight to me, Shreveport, Louisiana. So, Father, I thank you right now,
there is something bubbling up out of Shreveport, Louisiana that's going to begin to affect our nation...

Don't drink the cup of Baals

Father. I pray over America tonight. I hear Holy Spirit saying, “America has not been forsaken, nor has the Ekklesia (Church) been forsaken.” I thank You tonight Father, that You, the Lord of hosts, You're moving across our land. As I was beginning to pray into this, I begin to see and hear the Lord say, “Even though the land has been filled with sin against Me, it is not hindering Me from moving in this nation. 

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