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Citizenship According to the Kingdom

By Greg Hood 


IN CHRISTIANITY, we often use common terms that we don’t really understand, terms that we rarely take the time to define. Religion—man’s empty attempts to codify the Christian experience—is rife with terms and concepts that it cannot define nor defend. Yet until we agree on the meaning of a term, a phrase, a concept or a scripture, our application of these is useless.

With this present tome, Citizenship According to the Kingdom, I present our purpose and how that purpose is carried out. See, it’s one thing to know what Jesus laid out. Until we appreciate our function in that scheme, we will remain as weak and ineffectual as the religious lot we deem powerless.

I invite you on a journey of discovery, one of destiny, not of yours alone, but that of mankind. It will require a few new definitions, some rattling of sacred concepts, the shaking of dusty comforters and scattering the moths. But one morning, as you look at that sleep-addled face that has dogged you since birth with the persistent questions: Who am I? What am I doing? Why am I doing it? You’ll be able to answer:

We are the Kingdom of God!

Citizenship According to the Kingdom (Hard Cover English)

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