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You Can Hold the Strategic Advantage in Every Spiritual Battle!

We are living in such critical times that it is imperative for every believer to discern the guiding voice of the Holy Spirit. He longs to help you walk with prophetic insight into His good plans–even as He alerts you to hidden schemes of darkness.

With expertise born of personal experience and keen biblical insight, prophetic leader Jane Hamon takes a deep dive, biblically and practically, into this empowering gift of the Holy Spirit. She helps you navigate life with victory as you learn to

· discern the presence of God

· discern the times

· discern angels and demons

· discern hidden motives in others

· discern how to pray more effectively

· discern your next course of action

· and more!

God is speaking to you. Learn to operate in greater spiritual authority and walk in wisdom as you help build His Kingdom on earth

Discernment - Student Price

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