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Gaining the Commanded Blessings
By Dennis Goldsworthy-Davis

In this book, "Gaining The Commanded Blessings", my friend Dennis Goldsworthy-Davis unlocks secrets to this little known and discussed principle. From his prophetic mantle, he shares ideas and concepts to embracing this principle or maybe better yet, to be embraced by it. When the commanded blessing overtakes our lives, everything changes. Doors open, opportunities are given, favors are shown and even the blessing of God that makes rich and adds no sorrow begins to operate. This is because we have come under the auspices of God's favor. His touch and lovingkindness have now impacted our lives. We are moving into the season we have awaited. It's time to go forward and live out the dreams of previous years. Those years are over. Now we must steward the bounty of what God has trusted us with because of His Commanded Blessing!
Robert Henderson
Best-selling Author of The Court of Heaven Series

Gaining the Commanded Blessings

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