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Intercessory Prayer

By Dutch Sheets


Prayer that Shapes course book...How to use Prayers to move heaven and earth...In Intercessory Prayer, Dutch Sheets provides the encouragement to pray for the impossible, helping you find the persistence to see your prayers to fruition. Here is a thought-provoking guide that will help you get a firmer grip on the key concepts behind intercession. While the book unveils the mystery of prayer, revealing our role as God's partner in His work, the manual reinforces that we can indeed make a difference! Those who follow the Intercessory Prayer Study Guide will see that Christ is the intercessor and that our role as Christians is to release the fruit of His work on the cross, allowing God to use our prayers to move heaven and earth!

Intercessory Prayer Book and Study Guide SET

$33.98 Regular Price
$30.58Sale Price
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