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By Dr. Francis Myles

In this life-changing message Dr. Francis Myles wants to take this opportunity to “Introduce You” to one of the most powerful “Spiritual Orders” that God has ever instituted to service the spiritual needs of “Kingdom citizens” during their “Pilgrimage” here on earth. The “ORDER” of “MELCHIZEDEK.”In this explosive teaching Dr. Francis Myles will show you:God’s enduring agenda to station on earth a functional body of Kings and Priests who can represent the Kingdom of God accurately.How the Order of Melchizedek will Unleash a “Fathering spirit” in the church and the marketplace, for community transformation.How the Order of Melchizedek saved Abraham’s life and gave him an everlasting inheritance in the Kingdom of God.How Jesus Christ’s eternal priesthood affects us today and beyond.How you can enter into the dimension of real Kingdom wealth by understanding the Order of Melchizedek.How to grow your spiritual influence beyond the four walls of your Church.How to combat the growing seductive influence of the King of Sodom (the devil) in corporate “board rooms” and in the “corridors” of government.How the Order of Melchizedek can help you “Break Free” of “Generation curses” once and for all.Why the devil and religious institutions do not want you to discover the Order of Melchizedek.…And he will also answer questions such as:Are New Testament Kingdom citizens expected to give “Tithes and Offerings?”Why do so many Kingdom citizens live below their God given “Kingdom rights and privileges?”How can present day Kingdom business men and women walk in a true “Joseph type of anointing and mandate?”Can the Kingdom of God be advanced through a Political process?How can the Church become a breeding ground of Daniel-type Politicians, who can represent the Kingdom of God faithfully in the corridors of human government?

The Order of Melchizedek

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