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The Passover Prophecies
By Chuck Pierce

One of America’s most-respected prophetic voices brings a critical message to a nation - and world - at a crossroads. In September 2019, God revealed to Chuck Pierce that between February and April 2020, plague-like conditions would hit the earth. The Lord said, “I will be waiting to see which nations ‘pass over.’” Just like the very first Passover, God is looking for a remnant that will hold strong and bring his love to a hurting planet. Pierce divides the rumors from the word and answers such questions as:Why would the current situation be happening around the time of Passover 2020?Is this a modern-day plague for a modern-day Passover?Are nations still trying to bring other nations under their control and economic rule?What is Israel’s role in this critical time?How do we move forward today?In the midst of pandemic, God is also assuring his church that after this period, for those who hold fast to Jesus, there will be a time of celebration. In The Passover Prophecies, Pierce delves into the ancient biblical signs that point toward a glorious future for the people of God. Move forward, feed your faith, and know that even in the midst of uncertainty, his kingdom shall overcome, and his will shall be done on Earth as it is in heaven.

The Passover Prophecies

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