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Unlimited Anointing

By Dennis Goldsworthy-Davis 


The Supernatural Lifestyle course - Discover the Multiple Dimensions of the Spirit’s Anointing

Receiving the Holy Spirit fills you with God’s infinite power, opening doors to limitless possibilities. But what is the secret to reaching these incredible realms of the Spirit’s anointing?

Dennis Goldsworthy-Davis presents a revolutionary teaching, showing you how to unlock the multiple anointings you’ve received.

Learn to unleash the Anointing of Might, the Anointing of Healing, the Anointing of an Office, and the Anointing of Prosperity. Partner with God in new ways and release His power like never before!

  • • Unlock every dimension of Anointing.
  • • Access and release the hidden glories of Christ in you.
  • • Position yourself for an increased anointing upon your life.
  • • Flow with the movement of God’s Spirit by partnering with His Presence.

Access every dimension that the Spirit has opened! Unlock your full inheritance!

Unlimited Anointing

$13.00 Regular Price
$11.70Sale Price
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